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Ara Zohrabian
Senior Analytical Expert
Our Trading Signal publications are designed to alert about potential trading opportunities. They are based on traditional technical analysis conducted by employing tools such as indicators like MACD, Momentum etc. as well as chart patterns.

From Signal to Trade Step-by-Step

  • Identifying Market-Moving Events

    • We start by scanning for events that can shake up the market. These could be news releases like economic data updates, company announcements, or shifts in industry trends.
    • Additionally, we keep an eye on upcoming events such as earnings reports, central bank meetings, or policy changes.
  • Refining the Interpretation with Advanced Analysis

    Once we spot a potential market-moving event, we explore deeper by employing advanced analysis techniques. Two key methods we use are:

    • Fibonacci retracements help us pinpoint possible levels of support and resistance based on past price movements.
    • Elliot Wave Theory assists in identifying patterns within price fluctuations, helping us predict trend reversals or continuations.
  • Deep Dive into Fundamentals

    • We thoroughly study financial ratios to gauge the financial health of companies.
    • Also assess the competitive landscape and identify potential catalysts that could drive market movements.
    • And take into account analyst estimates and market expectations to gain further insight
  • Considering Market Scenarios

    • We analyze bullish trends, where prices are expected to rise
    • And bearish trends, where prices are anticipated to fall
    • Finally we analyze these scenarios as they are critical to determining the potential success of our deals
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