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Managing Expectations

Putting Realistic Expectations in Forex Trading

Risk Management

Essential Techniques to Safeguard Your Funds in Forex Trading

Fundamental Analysis

Avoiding News-Driven Forex Trading Mistakes.

Emotional Balance

Trading Academy's Guide to Trading in Harmony with Your Emotions.

Interactive Learning

Testing Your Knowledge with Practical Exercises after Each Lesson.


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Discover the world of Forex trading and learn about its basics, including concepts like CFD, leverage, floating and fixed spread, swap rate, pip, and its value.


Get a comprehensive understanding of MetaTrader 4, from using Trade and Account history to setting up pending orders and more.


Become an expert in Forex trading with in-depth knowledge of technical indicators, oscillators, fundamental analysis, and Forex trading strategies.

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Top courses

Introduction To Forex

  • What is Forex Market
  • What is CFD
  • What is Leverage
  • Floating and Fixed Spread
  • What Is a Swap Rate
  • Pip and Its Value
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Trading platforms and how to work with it

  • What is a Trading Platform
  • How to open a position on the NetTradeX Trading Platform
  • How to place orders on the NetTradeX Trading Platform
  • See More
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Types of analysis

  • Forex Technical Indicators and Oscillators
  • Forex Chart Patterns
  • Ascending Triangle
  • Descending Triangle
  • Symmetrical Triangle
  • See More
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Crypto Trading

  • What is Cryptocurrency
  • Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrencies
  • Most Traded Cryptocurrencies
  • How to Trade Cryptocurrencies
  • Best Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies
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Trading Strategies & Secrets

  • Forex Volume Trading Strategy
  • Forex Trend Trading Strategy
  • Support and Resistance Trading Strategy
  • Forex Basket Trading Strategy
  • See More
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